Our processes are aligned to center on OEM-type customers and serial production demands. This deliberately narrows our scope of operations. In return we gain the advantage to guarantee undivided assistance and a high quality customer support.

Our predominant co-operations in the automotive industry are with component manufacturers ranking as Tier 2 suppliers. In many cases our seal is the key component safeguarding the functionality of the customers’ assembly group. As a consequence, these sealing solutions are often challenging.

Further core operations follow the Bode Group’s long-established history in household installations. We focus on seals for drinking water and gas systems and our compounds are certified according to all relevant standards.

You can rely on our considerable experience covering medium sized household appliances from various fields of application which often demand a complex seal geometry or require tight tolerances.

Our strengths also include exceptionally small O-Rings as well as extremely large and non-tool-bound manufactured Rings. The former are mainly intended for electronics. The latter are determined for large scale plant engineering as O-rings, V-rings or Oil seals.

Seals for selected applications in the pharma and food industry as well as for components in medical supply complement our portfolio.

  • Water and gas, HVAC
  • Automotive tier 2
  • Household appliances
  • Electronic components
  • Process technology
  • Micro components
  • Large scale plant engineering
  • Pharmaceutical and food