01. Concept phase

It is important to include our engineers in your operations right from the start in order for them to understand the application and the resulting requirements. This helps in taking measures during the concept phase which contribute to minimizing potential later delays and avoiding higher costs which may otherwise become apparent at a later stage in the project.

Depending on the type of development project and the related requirements we start with a check of the specifications and a brain storming followed by a technical feasibility analysis. We then proceed with the compound selection and determination of the final geometry.

  • Concept phase
  • Specification check
  • Application
  • Technical feasibility study
  • Compound selection
  • Sealing concept selection
Feasibility study imageThumbnailAlt Feasibility study
Feasibility study

During this process we take into account the mode of operation of the application, the geometry of the installation space, all aspects related to the sealing function, the lifetime, the cost factors and any other factors which could take effect on the overall functionality.

In coordination with our customers we develop individual sealing solutions to meet all application-specific requirements. In pursuit of an optimal investment efficiency of time and effort we consider all options. Given the technical viability a possible sealing solution may also be the modification of an existing and already tried and tested sealing geometry.